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Abortion Procedures
Early Abortion Methods

Vacuum Aspiration or Sharp Curettage (D&C): (6 to 16 wks) Baby in Womb at Eight Weekspowerful suction tube inserted through the cervix and into the uterus. The fetal body parts and placenta are sucked into a jar, the unborn child often torn apart by the force of the suction. Possible complications include infection, cervical laceration and uterine perforation.

Mifepristone: (5 to 7 wks) is also known as RU-486 or the "Abortion Pill." This chemical causes an abortion by interfering with the function of the placenta, starving the unborn child to death. Prostaglandins (misoprostol, see below) are then administered to expel the fetus. This method of abortion takes place over the span of several days; the average woman using it bleeds heavily for more than nine days, but some women have bled for over four weeks. Because mifepristone is a new method, long term health risks are not yet known.

Methotrexate: (5 to 9 wks) though not approved by the FDA for this use, a methotrexate injection kills the unborn child by interfering with the growth process (cell division). Several days later, the woman is treated with prostaglandin (misoprostol) suppositories to expel the fetus; woman aborts at home. Requires three visits to a doctor to complete process.

Late Abortion Methods

Baby in Womb at Sixteen Weeks Dilation & Evacuation (D&E): (13 to 20+ wks) the cervix is pried open. Using forceps, the abortionist tears the child out of the womb, limb by limb. The child is then reassembled to assure that no fetal parts are left inside. Possible complications include infection, cervical laceration and uterine perforation.

Prostaglandin: (16 to 38 wks) also called misoprostol, this chemical which induces premature labor, is given as suppositories or an injection; live births are common. Hazards include convulsions, vomiting, and cardiac arrest.

Digoxin Induction
: (20 to 32 wks) involves injecting a lethal chemical directly into the baby's heart followed by labor induction with prostaglandin.
Prostaglandin Abortion at Twenty Weeks
Saline Abortion: (16 to 32+ wks) a long needle is inserted into the woman's abdomen, and a salty solution is injected into the amnionic fluid. The salt poisons the child, burning its lungs and skin. A dead baby is then delivered within 24 hours. This method is rarely used any more due to the serious health risks to the woman.

Hysterotomy: an unborn child (24 to 38 wks) like a c-section, an incision is made in the woman's abdomen. The baby is removed, then allowed to die by neglect. This procedure carries the same health risks as a c-section.

D&X: (20 to 32+ wks) also known as "partial-birth abortion" this dangerous method of late abortion, termed "bad medicine" by the American Medical Association, involves pulling the baby out feet first into the birth canal while the head remains in the uterus. The abortionist then makes a hole in the back of the skull to remove the brains with a suction catheter. The head collapses, allowing the child to be removed in one piece.

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