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Does Abortion Hurt?
The possible pain and safety of an abortion depends on many factors.

Abortion is considered “blind surgery”.

The doctor cannot see what he or she is doing and relies on a sense of “feel”. As “blind surgery”, abortion poses physical risks which are unavoidable. The patient’s safety cannot be guaranteed.

Other contributing factors regarding pain and safety include the type of pain relievers administered (if any), the doctor’s skill, the type of abortion, the age of the baby, the medical equipment, the cleanliness of the abortion facility and the qualifications of the staff.

In most states, the abortion industry is an unregulated business. They do not have to maintain the high standards required of other outpatient surgical facilities.

According to numerous reports of negligence cited in Mark Crutcher’s book, “Lime 5", many women suffer severe pain and serious complications following abortion. Learn more about Complications from Abortion.

Know Your Rights before you make your decision.

If you are physically or emotionally HURTING after an abortion... If someone at the abortion clinic LIED to you...

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